Thank you for allowing me into your home. Making the transition from living with my mother and brother to now living with you has been one of the easiest (although I thought it would be the hardest) transitions I have ever made. There is nothing else I can say, except to express my deepest gratitude. With each day, the alarm clock goes off the same time.

      We joke about the toaster, the cookies, the chocolate. There is nothing abnormal here. There are no worries about policemen showing up at the doorstep. I don’t need to hide in my room when my father returns home from a drunken stupor. There is a real family here, living each day to the fullest of their abilities. I see you as a father figure. I idol you. I see your drive to make your family. You present yourself with such ease that it’s intimidating. Your family is smart, selfless, and engaging. There is nothing I would do to change where I am now.

     How do you do it? How do you hold your family together when it seems like the entire world is falling apart? What motivates you? Is it your morning talks with the cats? The breakfast conversations? Lisa? What pushes you through the bickering, annoying employees, non-stop phone calls?


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